Installation, Repair & Testing

Flightline Group is proud to add avionics testing, repair and installation capability to our technical services department. As an FAA Part 145 Repair Station, Flightline now can complete an array of avionics services including:

  • 91.413 Transponder Test and Inspections and 91.411 Altimeter system and altitude reporting equipment tests and inspections that are required every 24 months.
  • Comprehensive diagnostics of radio, instrument and Pitot-static discrepancies.
  • Installation of electronic flight displays, GPS receivers, antennas and new radio systems.
  • Upgrades of instrument panels to the latest synthetic vision displays.
  • Software upgrades and updates.

Contact Flightline Avionics at 850-576-3515 or for all your avionics needs from pitot static system checks to a major upgrade of your entire instrument panel.

Modern avionics technology has led to a dramatic increase in safety for new aircraft by providing the pilot with improved situational awareness, decreased workload and increased reliability of critical flight instruments.

Enhance the safety of your aircraft by upgrading the instrument panel with modern and cost effective electronic flight instruments from some of the leading avionics companies in General Aviation. Our experienced avionics technicians can assist you in selecting the right components to upgrade, from a new GPS with WAAS capability to a primary flight display with synthetic vision. These upgrades are a smart investment that will increase the safety, performance, and value of your aircraft.

Flightline Group has over 30 years of experience providing the highest level of aviation services to General Aviation aircraft.
Located at Tallahassee International Airport (KTLH) Flightline is easily accessible from anywhere in the southeast.

Flightline Group FAA Part 145 Repair Station # 5FVR692B