Aircraft Maintenance

Flightline Technical Services
is a leading provider of aircraft maintenance services in the southeast United States. We are an Authorized Service Center for Piper, Cirrus, and Kodiak aircraft, and Lycoming engines. We have the skilled technicians, training and facilities to meet all your aircraft’s scheduled and unscheduled maintenance needs.
The professional team of mechanics at Flightline averages over 20 years of experience inspecting, maintaining and repairing a wide range of General Aviation aircraft. Our focus is on providing a premium level of service to our customers to ensure they have safe and reliable aircraft that operate at their peak performance.

As both a Piper Aircraft Dealer and Service Center, Flightline specializes in maintaining the full line of Pipers from the PA-18 Cub to the PA-46-600TP M600. Tom Pentecost, the Dealer Service Administrator (DSA) for Flightline, works closely with our maintenance team to help quickly troubleshoot and repair all the multifaceted issues that arise from aircraft operation.
With a detailed knowledge of complex aircraft systems and repair techniques, the expertise of Flightline’s technical staff will make sure your plane is expeditiously repaired and returned to service.
Flightline is based at the Tallahassee International Airport (KTLH) in a 25,000 sq ft state of the art service hangar and we are a convenient location to bring your aircraft in for service from anywhere in the southeastern United States.
Contact our service department at (850)576-3515 or email us to schedule your next Annual Inspection or for any of your aircraft maintenance needs.