Flightline Development Corporation

Flightline Development Corporation (FDC) is focused on the planning, design, construction and management of general aviation facilities. With over 30 years in aviation, Flightline Group has the expertise to understand the numerous considerations that go into maximizing an investment into GA facilities.  With an experienced team of aviation professionals FDC can plan and execute airfield facilities projects that are on time, on budget and fully meet the operational needs of aviation businesses.

Flightline has long been a proponent of the idea that the General Aviation facilities of an airport are an important gateway to a community. For many business leaders and potential residents that arrive in a community on general aviation aircraft, the facilities they see will be their first impression of whether the city is a place where they would want to locate their business and bring their employees and families. The GA facilities should reflect the community’s character and provide a welcoming entry point for both visitors and local residents.

Airport development is considerably more complex than your average commercial building project. In addition to local building and zoning regulations, airport development must take into consideration Federal Aviation Administration regulations, airport rules and regulations, airport master plans, and Transportation Security Regulations. The team at Flightline Development has had experience with the construction and renovation of General Aviation Terminals, aircraft hangars, aircraft maintenance facilities, airport fuel farms, aircraft parking ramps and taxi lanes, and flight training facilities. In addition, FDC has developed comprehensive General Aviation Master Plans that provide a blueprint for the logical growth of GA facilities, allowing an airport to maximize the use of the limited property surrounding the airports runways and taxiways.

In addition to development and management, Flightline Development can assist with the best method to finance aviation projects through private finance institutions and state aviation project matching-funding. Airports are prime economic engines for most communities and many local, state and federal development agencies have created funding mechanisms that help make it commercially feasible to build aviation facilities. Flightline Development Corporation can help in identifying sources and creating proposals that allow projects to be jointly funded with private and government capital.

Lease terms for aviation land and buildings require an in-depth knowledge of the unique attributes of airport agreements and are the foundation of a well-planned GA development project.  Because you cannot own most property that is adjacent to a commercial airfield, the rate, term and special provisions of a lease must be carefully written so the tenant has a chance to be profitable and the airport authority can fund their operations while still complying with the FAA Grant obligations.

FDC has over 65 acres of airfield property under lease and manages over 100,000 square feet of aviation facilities, which include 65 t-hangars, 8 bulk hangars and 78 tie downs at the Tallahassee International Airport (KTLH). Flightline Development Corporation is ready to assist you in locating your aviation business at Florida’s state capital airport. With our existing facilities and developable land, Flightline can find the right solution for bringing your aviation business to Tallahassee.

Here are some of the key attributes that make Tallahassee International Airport the ideal location to grow your aviation enterprise:

  • Abundant Ramp space, existing facilities availability and easily developed building sites
  • Compass Pointe Development Concept
  • Tallahassee International Airport location and ease of access
  • Close proximity to Florida State University’s Campus and Innovation Park
  • Reasonable cost for leased property
  • Long term lease agreements
  • Flexible property development
  • Ease of access from hangars and t-hangars to ramps, taxiways and runways
  • Flightline’s reputation and history of developing high quality cost effective GA facilities
  • Uncongested airspace in North Florida

Please contact us to discuss locating at KTLH or if you need consulting services to find the right airport or facilities for existing or planned General Aviation business.