Aircraft Service Assurance Program

Exclusively available with purchase of a new Piper Aircraft from Flightline Group, the Aircraft Service Assurance Program (ASAP) is an option developed to make your aircraft ownership experience simple and easy. Our team will help you manage your aircraft's service schedule, the costs of scheduled service, and the logistics of maintaining your aircraft.

ASAP simply adds a layer of predictability to your service requirements and costs and nearly eliminates the unexpected bills associated with scheduled service. Your manufacturers' warranties remain unchanged.

We will pick up your aircraft and return it to you after service at Flightline Technical Services for your Annual Inspection. We will also cover the costs of normal scheduled service during the first two years or 400 hours of your ownership.

With ASAP, you can focus on flying and enjoying your aircraft; we'll take care of everything else.

The following benefits and services are covered by ASAP during the term of your coverage:

  • Two annual inspections conducted by Flightline Technical Services in Tallahassee, FL. Complementary pickup and return of your aircraft by a Flightline pilot is included within the Southeastern United States.
  • One inspection at the first 50 flight hour milestone.
  • 8 oil changes - Eight coupons, each for reimbursement of your cost up to $300, for use to offset the cost of oil changes conducted at regular intervals by a Flightline Group Authorized aircraft service facility of your choosing.
  • One replacement set of brakes and tires covered annually.
  • Complementary aircraft exterior and interior cleaning services (included when service is conducted by Flightline Technical Services in Tallahassee, FL)

For more information about ASAP, and to find out how we can simplify your ownership experience, please contact us at 877.FLY.PIPER or by email at